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Dr. Omar Arturo Chávez García

General Surgeon and Minimally Invasive Surgery Specialist

Certified by the Mexican Board of General Surgery and employing minimally invasive technology (laparoscopy) for faster and less painful recovery.


I can assist with these options, as well as with diagnostic studies or tests such as physical examination or biopsies.


Heartburn, abdominal pain, reflux, fever, constipation, diarrhea, among others.

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Gallstones, hernias, gastritis, appendicitis, lipomas, intestinal obstruction, and more conditions.

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Placement of vascular access, hernia repair, resection, and restoration of intestinal function.

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Dr. Omar Chávez

I’m a medical doctor specialized in general surgery, certified by the mexican board of general surgery. Additionally, i have completed advanced cardiovascular life support training.

I employ minimally invasive technology (laparoscopy) to make surgical procedures less painful for my patients, allowing for a quicker recovery and return to their activities.

I stay up-to-date in my field to provide the best care for my patients, researching new trends in procedures and technologies that benefit those I serve.

Expert in hernia surgery

A hernia occurs when soft tissue, usually part of the membrane lining the abdominal cavity, or part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles at the groin level.

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